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This website is sponsored by Mark Dickinson Photography Getting Married at The Lightner Museum is a beautiful venue location in St. Augustine. There's nothing more beautiful than the elegant courtyard, with majestic towers, lush tropical gardens, and a large collection of terracotta, and arched walkways. It has a beautiful wood filled reception hall, beautiful deck outside for fun outside weddings. The price is well worth it for this location.

St. Augustine Wedding

St Augustine is known as the Romantic city and being here in this 1800's built historical location will take your breath away. Sunsets also are easily captured here due to a grand opening toward the west. The Photographer who supplied the photos Mark Dickinson is experienced with the Lightner Museum Weddings and can provide you experienced professional photography that you will be amazed by! He has done several weddings at this location It is a perfect location for you and him to achieve the best shots on your wedding day! Visit http://www.theweddingauthority.com for the most information and booking of this venue!

Lightner Museum Bridge and Courtyard by Mark Dickinson

Lightner Museum Weddings

The photos in the slideshow and pics in the page here are all from the Lightner Museum in St Augustine or the immediately adjacent vicinity!

Lightner Museum Courtyard Photo

Allison and Max Wedding 803
Lightner Museum photo from inside

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Sala Menendez decor setup

Evening sunsets at The Lightner Museum are phenomenal   The sun sets to the right when facing the museum. The colors you imagine from the Florida Sunsets are enhanced by the rich colors and architecture of the location. The best sunsets are usually in the summertime. Usually the evening thunderstorms leave traces of clouds that allow for the deep blues, purples and pink sky scene. The two towers  at the top depicted here leave plenty of  spacial relation to the ground. St Augustine is near Ormond Beach by about 40 minutes  and from The center of Daytona Beach By Car taking you about 50 minutes of travel time.  Feel free to take a look at, http://www.ci.st-augustine.fl.us/ for information on who what when why and how to make your visit to Saint Augustine  and Lightner areas fun and eventful!


This website is sponsored by Mark Dickinson Photography. It is not affiliated with The Lightner Museum or Wedding Athority of St Augustine